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X1 Technology, 6800 Center Street, Unit A-X1, Apopka, Florida  32703. USA

Tel: 407-917-3260

Thanks for your interest in writing about the all-new X1 Watch, the world’s first smart watch with video call function.  Please contact us at 407-917-3260  or email info@x1watch.com for more information.


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  • X1 Technology was established in 2016 with a goal of bringing innovative, eco-friendly transportation solutions and smart gadgets from concept into reality
  • Founders John Simcox and Brett Vogeler, have over 40 years of combined experience in business entrepreneurship, marketing and sales
  • X1 Technology’s official launch date of the X1 Watch is July 2018. The X1 Watch is a brand new smart technology bringing the world’s first video-call capabilities to a watch. It’s also the smallest smart phone in the world.
  • You can: download any app from the Google play store, make phone calls, send texts and emails, take photos and videos, post to social media, and track your fitness and health goals on your wrist.
  • With a retail price of only $295, the X1 Watch is generations ahead of all its competitors, and priced more affordably.
  • X1 Technology donates cash for every watch sold to the Environmental Defense Fund (edf.org), an organization that works toward preserving the natural systems on which all life depend


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