Exclusive Retail Opportunities


Want your own X1 Bike storefront or retail business?

Would you like to join the EV revolution and make money with us?

Exclusive Retail Agreements are available to a limited number of applicants now. We are selecting existing and new businesses in your area to offer X1 Bike products for distribution, sale, and rental.

It’s like a franchise, without the limiting restrictions, and without the ongoing fees! This means you could become part of the X1 Bike adventure, represent our brand in your place of business, and make money alongside us! We even advertise for you, and put a pin on our dealer locator page so people can find your business!


The first 50 businesses to sign-up will enjoy the following benefits:
Early-adopter pricing for your exclusive area
You will be ‘grandfathered’ in for all future offers
Reduced pricing for all merchandise
Your exclusive selling area is negotiable
No additional fees – No annual fee – No sales commission
Low minimum order quantities
First option to upgrade from retailer to distributor


If you would like to join the EV revolution and make money with us, please send an email with your name and telephone number to: rpp@x1bike.com

Thank you.