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Warranty Period: 90 Days

Warranty Period: 90 Days




An X1 Ear Pod will pair with the EQIX Watch, or any other device, using bluetooth 4.0.

You can enjoy music on the go with this lightweight and comfortable ear pod, it will not irritate your ears because of the soft gel comfort-fit socket.

Designed with music and safety in mind, X1 Ear Pods deliver rich bass and crisp treble for crystal clear sound, even when listening to voice calls.

The Ear Pod is supplied as a single unit so you can hear the world around you for safety during use.

The Ear Pod is powered by a lithium ion battery, rechargeable with a standard USB connector (supplied), enabling you to enjoy around 6 hours of music or 6 hours of phone calls. Standby time is around 24 hours and the charge time is around 30 minutes.

If you want 2 ear pods, please add 2 to your cart (only 1 unit can pair to your device at a time).

Available in 4 colors.

Not waterproof.


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