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Regional Service Center

X1 Bike   6800 Center Street, Unit A-X1, Apopka, FL  32703


X1 Technology LLC   108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware  19801

Our mission is to deliver the most affordable, sustainable, and flexible transport systems; offering safety, security, speed, range, comfort and reliability, whilst keeping pollution to absolute zero.

All of our bikes have been designed with the future in mind, so as new battery technologies emerge we are able to adopt them and let our customers enjoy the benefits of change and improvement without needing a mechanic to do the work. We made it easy for you to change the battery yourself.

We are John and Brett, the founders of X1 Bike, and we love our planet. We follow beliefs, visions, and ideals of great revolutionaries like Elon Musk, and feel very strongly about the prevention of further damage to our ecological systems. So does the entire team at X1.

In 2017 we both ditched our gasoline cars and bought Tesla’s so we no longer contribute toxic harm to the environment.  It’s important to us that we give back to nature instead of taking away, so our entire product line is 100% EV and will always be EV. We truly believe in the future of total EV for all transport solutions, and this is where our story, and transition into making electric vehicles, begins.

We started our company – X1 Technology – to begin laying the foundations of our beliefs and desires to contribute to the EV category. We share similar direction-goals as Tesla. We are doing our best to make sure that people have more choice when it comes to moving around this Earth, using greener, cleaner, and cheaper transport solutions – on 2 wheels instead of 4. This is our way of contributing to healing the planet and making travel more convenient and affordable.

With congestion and overcrowding being a huge problem in every city, we feel that having a folding eBike like ours is crucial. With a longer ride-range than normal and the convenience of super-portability, the X1 Explorer and Tesla-inspired Electron provides significant improvements in transport choices.  A to B travel can be fast and easy, skipping traffic and saving money, and for less than $1000. This is why we make X1 Bikes, and this is why we appreciate your custom and support.

It is our primary objective to make X1 Electron the most affordable and readily available alternative transportation technology to Americans. Full production has started (February 2019) and distribution of our elite eBike the Explorer has already been sold in the USA for over a year. We expect to be in full swing by the summer of 2019.

Together with your help, we can make a change to the environment, ease congestion, and teach our children the importance of eco-friendly commuting, whilst having fun and getting anywhere we want to on our super-cool electric bikes.

We donate cash from every X1 Bike we ever sell to (Environmental Defense Fund) as a further commitment to cleaning-up our planet.  So, not only are our products zero emission and pollutant-free, but some of the money you spend with us is given to a cause that helps clean-up the damage we have all caused to the ecosystem.

From prototypes to final products, we need and thank you for your support, we truly appreciate it.