X1 Sponsors Phantom 9 Race Team!

The X1 Bike was officially unveiled on Saturday October 1, 2016 to an excited audience in Clearwater, Florida.

As lead sponsors for the Phantom 9 Racing Team at the National Super Boat Championships, X1 Bike proudly toured downtown Clearwater, the pier and beach areas throughout the weekend to an amazing reception.  The local firefighters took turns riding and all agreed that although it’s not perfect for fighting fires, the X1 was perfect for navigating the streets of Clearwater. “Its so fun, and actually faster than driving a car in the downtown area”, said one firefighter.

Signworx somehow managed to pull-off the logo-wrap of the Phantom 9 Team Boat in record time and Leif Oskarsson’s team did a wonderful job  for all the sponsors, thank you Leif.

Special thanks to Kim Niemann of Phantom 9 for helping us test our prototype model and for spreading the word about the new X1 line of bikes – we appreciate it.

Now onto Key West!  See you there.